How do I make a simple rope/chain link

First of all, I saw the example projects with the rope mechanics. But it is more complex example, that includes multiple chain/rope options and instances. I can’t seem to get just what I need from all that.

I have Object A that I want to connect with Object B with a rope or chain - like with the red arrow on the screenshot. The idea in this instance is to have something like a bridge, that the character would release over the water when cuts the rope.

It doesn’t look like you need a real link, though.
Place a rope sprite, and if the player hits it, change the rope animation (or delete the rope and create two bits of rope), then rotate your platform from the bottom edge into position.

I need a “real” rope though… My platformer is using physics and ideally the rope should be physical object too. Also I am gonna have multiple ropes/chains at different objects so it would not be good idea to have to create different sprites for every single rope…

Don’t make things harder for yourself by getting trapped into thinking that everything needs the same behaviours. Remember games are a form of illusion.

You can use a tiled sprite to represent the rope. You make the bridge (or whatever objects are attached to the rope) a static or kinematic object until the rope is ‘cut’. Then change the bridge to dynamic, and at that point it will act like it’s been cut free.