[How do I...] Make a Speedometer?

Hello! I’m a completely new person here.
I’m starting my first game jam soon. I plan to use a codeless game engine… like GDevelop :open_mouth:

One mechanic I want to add to my game is a speed limit (it’s a 2d top down driving game).

What I’m looking for: If the player drives too fast, then they’ll get a warning (flash notification in UI) and must slow down.

What I don’t know: The main roadblock I have is I’m not sure how to create a speed limit system in the first place.

I searched for speedometer game development tutorials. However, most are for Unity and are in 3D.

How would I use no code to create a speedometer that moves up or down based on the acceleration of the player?

Thanks for reading.

Hi, there is a very cool tutorial series by VictrisGames that introduces you to the engine and a lot of useful concepts by making a top down racing game.

There is also a speedometer, you can find it in this episode: How To Make A Game with GDevelop - UI Hacks (E08) - YouTube

Making the UI flash if the value is too high is just a matter of comparison in the condition.

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Thanks for sharing that tutorial, I am for sure going to check that out!

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Wow—The concept makes sense! I started his video and will continue watching both of them later.
Thank you so much ᵔᴗᵔ

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