How do I make a text enter specific characters on it's own?

I probably have to use a text entry object to do this but there’s so many different options and I don’t know which is the right one. I wanna make it type a specific word on it’s own to create a typing effect on screen. How do I make this?

Use variables what every character say

Do position Text object every time when chance sharacter talk. You need only one text object in that way. I try find correct example.

Thanks for the help, but I unfortunately can’t figure out how to open this file. What should I do

Thanks for quoting me, but I made this example project a life ago. So, it’s no more compatible with currents versions of GD.

I remember I used a variable to store the text, then I used the embedded text manipulations functions in a loop to read and display each character one by one, I used a timer to delay the display effect a tenth of second in each character.

You can use the Dialogue feature. Look at the example project called “Dialogue tree”. :slight_smile:
Or you can make the typewriter effect yourself like erdo said.

The dialogue tree example is exactly what I’m looking for but I don’t know where in the events it shows the text adding characters onto the screen.

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I appreciate all the help guys. I managed to find a video that helped me significantly with this and it was an alternative to the dialogue tree options. It was part of a little tutorial series, but after playing around with things along with the help of this video, I managed to get things working. Thanks again for the help. Part 6 Let's Create a Type On Text Effect for our Dialogues - YouTube