How do I make a text object that is scrollable?

How do I make a text object that is scrollable?

I’m making a project and I need to add a lot of text in a single text object, so I thought is there any way to make the text objects scrollable so I can just paste it all in a single object?

I don’t think you can. It would be nice. IDK if there is already a feature request fir it.

In the meantime, I just posted something similar that uses the object masking that might help.

You wouldn’t need a group if it was just one text object. It would need some tweaking but I think the concept should work.

Place a text object on a layer, add a spite for the part that you want visible, mask the text, use a scroll bar to move the masked layer.

Edit: If you’re just making a single text objwct then you wouldn’t need another layer.

Add the text object set it’s position and width. Put a sprite in the same position and set it’s size to the size that you want to be masked or kept visible. Add the mask and move the text object. For my slider, I used a minimum or - 500 and a maximum of 0. I then set the y of the text object to the value of the slider. Player in my example is just a sprite that I used for another project. It’s just a plane sprite object. The opacity is set to the color. So, white would make the text completely visible.

You can use math. I’m just not able to properly test a formula. It would be based on the mask and text object heights.