How do i make a turn based game like Into The Breach?

I had a little game idea in my head which I wanted to do but for that i need a turn based combat system like Into The Breach does anyone know how to do that?

That would require developing new, complex systems. Gdev is not like Unity, which tries to be everything under the sun and therefore can’t do any one kind of game well out of the box. In the experience of most users, Gdev has a lot more restrictions, but as long as you stay within them you can express yourself effectively and efficiently.

This is something I have done for a long time and has served me well:

I first map out my ultimate design/dream/ambition for a project (What do I want to do? What do I need in order for that to happen?), then I do the same for my current environment ( Which resources are available to me?) Then I basically multiply the two and see what comes through. Then that is what I do. Because that is what can be done. If my ideas are not firmly rooted in truth they are never going to get through.

For example, I get great results generating terrains using high-density volumetric fields and 3D noises/processes, in other software, but gdev can’t do anything like that, so should I just drop it? Well, I’ll probably end up dropping everything I ever attempt, then, because there’s always a seemingly show-stopping problem. So I made a rudimentary version in gdev just to see where it would take me, and ended up creating something well beyond my expectations for what gdev can do, once I adapted to the new technological avenue.

This is not just for OP. I observe a common and a losing pattern after decades in the industry: a rigidity when it comes to adapting vision to technology. I have seen too many projects dropped just because the outcome didn’t confirm expectations sufficiently. But reality is definitely something, while expectations are just thought-dreams, so I could never make sense of that kind of thinking.