How do i make a virtual pet simulation game?

i wish to know how to create a pet simulation/virtual pet game, like forexample dog revolution game where you open boxes with puppies and merges them so they get a new breed, or feed a cat or puppy and bath and walk them forexample. do anyone have a demo template avaivable so i can learn from the template? i searched on youtube and google but i didnt find any tutorial on how to make virtual pet simulator in gdevelop.

You might not be able to find a tutorial for Gdevelop but you might be able to find something in another gaming language to use for reference or guidance. Find something that’s similar to what you want and work on creating it with Gdevelop the best you can. Mix that with watching videos of games that inspire you. You’ll learn a lot in the process. We’re all here to help you with more specific questions.

Start with the basic look. Maybe the start screen or main area. Add a rough mockup of the gameplay. I use crudely drawn images all the time to represent things. Then slowly add and test features. You can clean up the images later.