How do i make a word search game

I am new to the program
I want to make a word search game
How do I make the player touch the first letter of the word and continue pressing until he touches the last letter and the word disappears?

What you’re asking for is an intermediate to advanced usage of GDevelop. Since you’re new to this. I suggest you break down the action into smaller components, get those working and then combine them to create the game mechanic and behaviour you are after.

Components like:

  1. detect touch
  2. find object nearest that touch.
  3. highlight object and keep highlight on
  4. store object details once in an array
  5. input a word and see if it exists in a dictionary you have loaded
  6. take each element of the array and create a text/word out of it
  7. reset everything when touch is finished.
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Thank you. Is there a simple project that I can download?

Here are a collection of links to GDevelop tutorials.

This is a link to example projects that should cover what you are after.

And here is a link to the GDevelop wiki (the Documentation link in the purple bar at the top of the page).

I still need more help, please

I agree with MrMen here.

You probably won’t find a ready-made project like this, you will have to break the idea in your head down into seperate elements like MrMen mentioned.

If you are new to this, starting with a smaller, more simple project will be much less frustrating to understand. As MrMen mentioned, what you are looking to build requires some more advanced knowledge like using arrays and such.

Start small, build on your knowledge little by little. Jumping into a big project that you have visualized without a plan for the individual elements of the game is a recipe for frustration and rage-quitting.

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I have already started with small projects, and I am not a very beginner. I have an understanding of adding objects and the camera, giving them behavior, and adding some events, but I want to know the event that links three objects together so that it begins by clicking on the first object, passing through the second object, and ending when touching the third.

thank you all

Here is the basic idea, I’ll leave it for you to work out the conditions and actions:

Check where the touch is, and which letter object is under it or within a set distance of it.
Check if that object has already been processed already (maybe by way of a boolean variable on it).
Add that object’s letter to an array if it’s not marked as having been processed, and set the boolean to indicate it’s been processed.
When touch has finished or ended, create a text from each element in the array and check it makes a valid word.
Then reset the boolean on each letter object.

Some of these steps are simple, others will take a bit of thought and coding.

Also, you may also want to reduce the collision mask of the letter objects. If they’re tiles/squares and have edged/corners touching and full sized collision masks, you may end up collecting more letters than intended.

I just need, please give me the name of this process, to search on YouTube for educational lessons, and if you suggest that I write in the research

I just need, please give me the name of this process, to search on YouTube for educational lessons, and if you suggest that I write in the research …

Which process? The one that works out if the letter has already been added to the array? There’s no process for that; it’s some thing you’ll have to create. Get the letter that’s being touched. Iterate over the array and see if it already exists in the array.

Alternately, maybe the Array Tools extension may be of help to you.