How do I make action of putting an object in a place "once" when high score are made(Solved)

I want to put my fireworks in the background when highscore is reached, but as player moves forward the the fireworks should stay still, but it keeps changing position each time highscore increases

I just want highscore action to happen once, not again and again when highscore is increased?

keep firework in another layer. Doing this will not move the firework.

And you can make score = GlobalVariable(HighScore)+1
trigger once

No u did’nt understand, I want the object fireworks to move with the background. but the Action: ''Put Object(Fireworks) around Restart Button" is putting fireworks in position of restart button(Middle of screen) again and again, whenever highscore is increased by 1

But I got the solution, the problem was the Action: “Change the variable(Highscore): set to Variable(Score)”
In other words its making new highscore every time highscore is increased, which causes the condition and action to repeat itself

This is what fixed it: Putting Action: “Change the variable(Highscore): set to Variable(Score)” after player dies.