How do I make an arrow point at another object?

Ok, so I’m making a game, where you follow directions from an arrow, which leads you to a checkpoint. This checkpoint, when touched, adds 1 to your score, and then goes to a randomly selected part of the map.

What I need help with is that I don’t know how to get the arrow pointing at the checkpoint correctly.

The question is generic, let’s see if I understand correctly.

  1. You can give this command “If the” arrow “sprite does not collide with the” checkpoint “object, then move the” frecia “sprite towards the” checkpoint "object.

above an example

What do I set the variables to?

the variables are not essential (the one I inserted for my game needs).
What you are interested in is this line: this one commands the “arrow” to go to the “checkpoint” if they are not colliding with each other.

Obviously, if during the game you move the “check point”, the arrow will point towards him again.

in your case the object I call pallal" will be your “arrow” and what I call “movimePalla” will be your “checkpoint”