How do I make an easy inventory system on 2023 gdevelop

So I am struggling to make an inventory system for my game is there any easy way
That doesn’t requires to much coding?


You could toggle a boolean variable when the player interacts with an item.

There is a lot of function for inventory built in with gdevelop, you can use this or you can create your own system using variables for things like item name, number of items in inventory…etc…

It really depends on the exact kind of inventory you want to use in your game as it can be quite simple or become very advanced and confusing.

Can you explain more how you would like your system to work?

At the risk of sounding self-promoting, I recently made a tutorial on YouTube: how to make a simple backpack inventory. It’s no use to you if you want a more complex RPG system with a grid, stackable items and drag-and-drop, but it might help you. I’ll be uploading part 2 today.


O thanks i am actually making a survival game but really I don’t that complex inventory system I just want to show your items

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