How do I make an in game layer panel?

I am making a dress up game, I want a layers panel where you can press an item e.g. a dress and drag it to the top of the layers panel, or arrow button to move an item up or down a layer, how do I do this?

I want to be able to layer clothing/ accessories and let the player choose what to layer, as its a dress up game

I have tried to find a way myself but I cant

You just need to make where when you click one of the objects you click on a layer for it to go on.

Make each clothing layer equate to a set z-order, say in steps of 5. For example, underwear is z-order 5, thermals layer is 10, jersey layer is 15 and jacket layer is 20. When the player changes the layer of an item, set its z-order accordingly.

Use a resource bar to control this. When an item is clicked on, show the resource bar and as it gets dragged, change the z-order of the item.