How Do I Make An RPG?

How Do I Make An RPG In GDevelop? I don’t know!

New to GDevelop too.

Check out the “Top Down RPG” template when creating a new project.

Oh ok. I am not new, attually.

We found GDevelop engine yesterday and are making a 2D RPG with it hopefully.

I am the main person creating it,
but I am a code writing programmer, so using GUI to make games is a little foreign to me…

Please be more descriptive when you make a topic. We don’t really understand what kind of answers we should offer. We need a more specific question. :slight_smile:

Like JesseLee said, the Top Down RPG template is very helpful. There are also youtube tutorials. There are also a lot of different kinds of “How do I…” topics on the most common problems.

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I can’t find any youtube tutorials on how to make an rpg

I really don’t like to think that you are lazy, but you leave me very few other choices here.
Just searching “gdevelop rpg” gives you MULTIPLE youtube videos you can study.

And please watch other tutorials too. Even if the tutorial doesn’t specifically work on an rpg, you can use the knowledge you gather to make one.

Please understand that you are welcome to seek help and advice, but please try to respect our time and effort by trying your best within reason.