How do I make enemies reappear after they have been killed

Hello, I’m making a top-down Zelda style game. I’m making a dungeon with different rooms you can go into with enemies in them. If you kill the enemies and go back into the rooms they are still gone because the different rooms are all in the same scene so the scene is not getting restarted. How do I make it so that the enemies come back when you re-enter the rooms?


I could make an event that says when you enter a room enemies are created. But if I did that there would be more and more enemies every time you enter the room. For example if there were 3 blobs in a room and you didn’t kill any of them and then you returned to the room there would be 6 blobs. I only want the ones that you kill to be replaced and I want each one to be created in the same part of the room where it was at the beginning of the scene.

There are a few ways at least - instead of deleting the enemy when it’s killed, hide it. This would men event changes to only action events on visible enemies.

Another is to delete all enemies as soon as the room is entered, and then create all the enemies for the room straight after.


Ok thanks. I did it the second way and it worked.