How do i make footsteps with the Particle Emitter?

I’m making a small platformer game, and I want to make particles appear as the player walks, but i’m a bit confused on the particle emmite settings.

Can anyone help me on how i should do it?

I guess you are the only one who can decide what the particles should look like for your game. Adjusting the particle emitter in Gdevelop can be a little bit tedious though. For getting an idea about the particles’ appearance after changing some parameters in real-time you could go here: PixiParticlesEditor. The names of the parameters and the available options at the website and in the Gdevelop particle dialogue box are slightly different but it is possible to transfer the settings.

And not to forget this video gives a good idea how everything works Particle Emitter - In Depth Tutorial - GDevelop - YouTube

Hi, ive seen that vid before but i want to know how he spawns the particle effect exacly where the feet would be? In my case it spawns at the centre/near the top of my character’s head

Hi, you need to set a point at the feet of your character and then you can refer to this point when spawning the particles.

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