How do I make my sprite run?

I’m recreating a game I used to love as a kid, and I have all the necessary sprites for it. I have now got my sprite walking up, down, left, and right at a typical walking speed.

In the game I’m recreating, the player could make the sprite run by double tapping the direction button. Single tap left arrow - walk left, double tap left arrow - run left.

How can I make my sprite run with a double tap of the direction keys? So far I can only see event/action options to do one movement only with each key.

If you did a simple “GDevelop double tap” search on Google, you’d find this result and this result.


You’ll want a “running” variable to make sure it’s applied to every direction.
The easiest way to do this would be a Run button, set running to 1 when you press it and set it back to 0 when you stop moving.

to double tap though, I’m not too sure. something like:
use a scene timer for the interval between two key presses, then when you stop and start moving again check if the direction is the same as the one you last pressed and the timer is under a certain interval (like 0.5 second).

personally I would prefer a dedicated run button since double tap run hurts my fingers after a while

I have seen those posts but can’t make any sense of them. I’ve followed a couple of threads and either it’s going over my head or some of the options don’t exist on Gdev anymore. I can’t find any of the terms people are talking about in the list of conditions.

THere is a double tap extension

Does it involve programming? I am a total newbie with no coding experience whatsoever. That’s why GDevelop was recommended to me, because ‘RPG Maker’ doesn’t support the type of hack and slash combat I was wanting to use. Unfortunately it seems I’m in too deep with Gdevelop, too. I don’t understand a thing and most of the tutorials seem to be for platformer games rather than top-down RPGs

I just tried the extension by Silver-Streak and have no idea what to do with it

Here is Top-Down RPG tutorial

Yeah, I definitely think the wrong software was recommended to me. This was not what I singed up for lol. I might just go with RPG maker and deal with their crappy combat mechanics. This is way too intense

It’ll take a little getting used to GDevelop, but once you get to grips with how it works, it can be a doddle to set up the basics of a game.

In its simplest form, it’s a create an object, drag it onto the screen and create a few rules (events) to control the game flow. You break down the game play into simple steps, and create a set of conditions and corresponding actions.

It’s the breaking down an on screen action into events that can be the challenge.

If you’ve looked into a topic, and it’s still no clear, post a thread for clarification. The community’s good for helping, particularly if you’ve given it a shot and need some help.