Create a doubletap

hi guys, could you tell me how to create a double tap on a button for android?

Maybe add a Timer and a variable var_clicked. when the button is clicked the very first time so check if timer is running and var_clicked = 1, allow other click on the button.

Like Ulises said I think you can do that with a timer…

Something like this…

Condition 1
Left mouse button (or touch) released

Action 1
Reset the timer “doubletap”

Condition 2:
Left mouse button (or touch) has started
Timer “doubletap” is greater than 0.5 seconds (INVERT this condition so it means less than 0.5 seconds not greater than)

Action 2
(Whatever you want your doubletap action to be)

Something like that…

Aside from timer you can do this:

Touch has started: Add 1 to Variable “TapCounts”

TapCounts Greater than 2 → reset to 0
TapCounts = 2 → Do something


thank you so much guys