How do I make one scene react to another?

How do I make one scene react to another? Say I have the main game scene, and I have the inventory scene. How do I code “If this happens in inventory scene, make this happen in game scene?”
I haven’t actually tried doing this yet, as I simply don’t see any way I can. But I’d like to know if there’s something I’m missing here, because I think this is a pretty common thing to do?

What about global variables.
It might be a common thing to do. It would be pretty interesting to ask here how many people prefer to have their inventory in a new scene vs some other setup.

*I have an “inventory” (well it’s just a shop where npcs buy the items you produce) in my current project but I just have it on another layer in the game scene. When you open it the camera on that layer centers on it so you can lock items you don’t want to sell or w/e.

Oh, I see. I guess I’ll think more about using layers. I’m pretty new to gdevelop, so I’m still learning :smiley:
Thanks for the suggestion!

Well I was just giving an example to show options, you don’t have to use layers if having it in a new scene would work better for your game. I’m by no means an expert I was just showing what works best in my game to give you ideas of options.

The reason layers is better in my game is because my game calculates “offline earnings” the player makes, so to leave a scene to go into the inventory, I couldn’t very well use “pause scene, go to inventory” because the player would be missing out on income then. At the same time, just stopping the scene, going to inventory, and returning would generate a “while you were away, you made $$” message and I felt that would be too fatiguing for the player to see a bunch of those every time they wanted to open a menu in the game, so I kept everything on layers in the same scene. It might make more sense for your game to change scenes, I don’t know what you have going on.