How do i make reload with "Fire bullet" extension

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How do I…

How do i make reload with “Fire bullet” extension?

What is the expected result

I expect by pressing reload button my weapon do a reload

What is the actual result

Rn when i press reload button nothing happens

Related screenshots

Here is my setup for bullet extension

Here is my event that suppose to do reload

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Setted up some debug stuff

And once i press button text is changing to “Reload”
So that means button is working and reload is triggered (i even wait reload time before i can shoot again) but my bullet count doesnt change

I could be wrong but I beileve you need to either choose unlimited ammo or incerease the starting ammo either thu the behavior screen or through actions.

You start with 30, use 30 and then there’s nothing left to reload.

Yes, but you need to be carrying enough ammo. I believe, the shots per reload is like the clip amount, the starting ammo is the total. I’m confused as to what Max ammo is. It’s a little poorly worded. It’s a bit vague. It works for me.

I setted up max ammo to 900000
And after i press reload it doesnt substract 30 to fill ammo of my weapon so i have no idea what to do

In fire bullet extension reload is not adding ammo to your current ammo
That is handled by increase ammo action

Reloading is like you have revolver and you put bullets into your chambers
But you still need ammo to fire

Reload action is there for you to limit player from firing before he reload chambers with bullets (which still needs to be set)

In addition you need to use action increase ammo and go with negative like -5 to subtract from ammo count

max ammo or starting ammo IDKW the max ammo is for. Try setting the starting ammo

Ok, I see now. the max ammo is the maximum after the initial. If you add ammo with increase ammo it only goes to that number. Weird. You can start with 300 but after adding ammo even once it drops to the max amount.

ooooh thats how it works
Thank you! Now i am good to go

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Yea took me good 30 mins before i figured it out the 1st time

Reload is there like function/mechanism you can use

Sam as you can add keys to move your player but you still need to set to what animation player object changes when pressing some key

Same thing here you have reload mechanism yet you need to set up what will happen when you actually reload
AND worst of all from all we think RELOAD means it does not mean here recharge your ammunition

But if you think about it It actually make sense that it is set up this way