How do I make rotating platforms?

Making something like this:

First of all, I know how to make a platform rotate.

My problem is that using either Physics 2.0 or Platformer behavior results in shoddy object behavior.

With Platformer behavior, while the platform is moving down, the player bounces and moves unrealistically side to side. While it’s moving up, the player either falls through the platform or gets stuck, while also moving unrealistically side to side. It looks like a weird spastic bouncing shimmy.

With Physics, the player gets put inside the block and increasing linear damping stops that, but then falls prey to the same issue as above. I don’t have the same controls, so I just set the player down and see what happens. Ultimately they fall off.

Ideally, I want the player to stick to the platform much like it sticks to a platform that moves side to side (even up and down only platforms cause the sticking issue).

Main Question: Is there a way I can adjust the object’s position, every frame, that would lock it to the platform without compromising the ability to move and jump? Preferably trying to make this work with built-in platformer behaviors.

I’m honestly surprised I can’t find ANY topics based on rotating platforms… This feels like a platformer staple.

Meanwhile i replaced it with a simple horizontal platform like in the platformer example…
Also hope for a solution, because it is really an standard feature for such games.

Are you using a hitbox object for your player? It might help.
Making your platforms thicker (their hitbox) should fix this falling through issue.
If you can provide a dummy project showing the issues, it would help us help you. :blush:

This is a known issue and is currently on the roadmap, albeit with no planned fix date.



Hey I Also get this issue a lot. I am making a new game and my player moves smoothly when going down on a platform and starts jumping when moving up on the platform. I think it’s the gravity applied to the player. Anyway once I walk on the platform the player falls right thru.