How do I make something feel wobbly and blob like

So I’m creating something where I want a physics object to behave like a blob or a jelly with the normal physics mask an object feels more like a rock can someone please help me with how to do that?

If you open GDevelop, then go to File menu up top and select Create a New Project… Then scroll all the way down and open the “Game Feel Demo”. There is a really good wobble effect in there which you should be able to copy/paste into your game and then modify as you need.


Thanks brother, I’d definitely try that out :slight_smile:

Hmm, so I tested that out and it’s a really nice effect but my object has physics behaviour and so I actually want the mask to adapt as well so that it can interact with other physics objects and wobble when it hits them.

Ah ok I’m not sure about how you’d implement via physics mask. Hopefully someone else can chime in on that one.