How do I Make swords move around my Player Character?

I’m working on a New Game called Pixels Adventure and need a sword to move around My PC with the cursor and If I cant do That I cant implement it into PVP (A important Aspect into the Game) and it wont be to good for The PVE (Another important aspect to the singleplayer of the game) How do I fix this???

So you want the sword to rotate around the player, like clock hands but with the handle out from the player?

Use the following which will point the sword towards the mouse (though you may need to change the 50 pixels distance) :

Oh thank you so much man I’ll let you know if I have any other issues

@MrMen Hey So I Tried that and it didn’t work and I even changed the pixel distance
what should I do?

Can you screen snip the events you’ve got so far?

I just decided to use the bullet fire addon and use magic