How do I make the bullet object fire at my enemy character and delete it after a collision?

How do I…

Make the bullet object fire at my enemy character and be deleted after the collision between the bullet and the enemy character.

What is the expected result

I want the bullets to show and aim at the opponent when I press my attack button, I also want the bullet to be deleted after a collision with my enemy. And lastly, I want my health bar to be deducted.

What is the actual result

I am using the fire bullets extension on both the bullet and my player character. When the button is clicked, the health bar gets deducted but the bullets don’t show. It actually worked the first time I followed a code in a tutorial but I don’t know why it doesn’t work anymore now…

Related screenshots

You should remove collision as a sub event, in this case you are saying only when the button is clicked and the object collide AT SAME TIME you delete it. Plus you can unite the second subevent in the first event