How do I make the character/object keep on the screen?

how do I make the character/object keep on the screen?
so when the object move to the out of right boundaries, the object will go to the left boundaries or top to bottom, etc.

what I want is the object not teleporting like set the X value, instead when only half of the object going out of the boundaries, the other half of the object appears on the oposite boundaries, like the image I provide, thanks

[edited - my original response didn’t address your request at all]

One hacky way is to have 4 copies of the object. Place the one instance at 0,0, another at ScreenWidth(), 0, the third at 0, ScreenHeight() and the last one at ScreenWidth(), ScreenHeight(). If you use top down behaviours to move them then it may work.

this is not what I looking for, what I mean is the object can move outside but will can see on the oposite side. like the image I post

Yeah, sorry, I’ve edited my previous post. However, there’s no easy solution. You need multiple copies (especially in the corners) and, at first glance, a fair bit of logic and coding to get it working.

it’s hard for me to figured it out, but thanks for the answer, I will try to make another game haha