How do i make the enemy take more damage at a certain area.

I’m trying to make the crystal hitable, the front of the zombie should be a tank, but should be very weak from behind.

You can use an extra object as the crystal (it can be an invisible object, but with the size of the crystal), and make it to follow the enemy. If you hit the crystal, do damage to the enemy it’s linked, I can make an example if you want :slight_smile:

It would be awesome if you would :slight_smile: Thanks in advance

Here you go: (15.9 KB)
The important thing is the action that makes the Weakpoint object to follow the Enemy, and that there are two collision tests: one for the Enemy and another for the Weakpoint :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this! So useful. :unamused:

I got it mostly to work, but i have the same problem again with the enemy. If i hit and destroy the crystal, all of them die. And i’m using the instance variable to compare and subtrakt health. It only happens when i hit the crystal, shooting it at the front works.

I think it’s the link event that is global, linking all of the crystal & crystalzombies together. But it doesn’t link the zombies together and that’s why i can kill it normally at the front? I dunno

You have to add the condition “Take CrystalCyclop if they are linked to Crystal” in the event that checks collision between Bullet and Crystal, otherwise GD doesn’t know which CrystalCyclop you are talking about, and every instance takes the damage.
And when you delete the CrystalCyclop, add the condition “Take Crystal if they are linked to CrystalCyclop”, otherwise GD will delete all the Crystal objects for the same reason :slight_smile:

Thank you a lot :smiley: