How do i make the map the map normal?

so im making a pvz fangame and finished the map, the thing is that when i put the map in the game, it’s giant, and when i resize it, the image becomes pretty bad, what i do?(btw the map is 5400x4000).

Are you inserting the map as a whole? Read more about limitations here.

I suggest you to use tiles map

Can you explain why you have a 5400x4000 map? Plants vs Zombies maps are all under 720p resolution.

I’d probably also recommend making it as a tilemap rather than one large image.

All textures over 2048px are not recommended because it cause issues as you can see, this push the limit of the engine and the hardware for mobile and low end pc.
Split your textures or use the tilemap object, here the documentation.

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