How do I make the object flash itself?

When the Player touch the obstacle I want the Player to flash (appear then disappear a few times) itself (maybe for 2 sec) before appearing as opaque. I want to this animation to indicate the collision and the lost of Player’s life.

Thanks in advance!

There is a custom function for blinking. Go to project manager/Functions and behaviors and click on “search for new extensions”. Then search for Blink and download it.

Then after the download go to the players behaviours and add the Blink behavior. Then go from there…

Hope I helped. (ps. You need a internet connection to download extensions)


As WikiWizard said, uses behavior “Flash” to do what you want.
To help you, you’ll find below an example used in my game Paper Plane

And here, the settings of my object “Avion”

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Thanks a lot! This solve my problem :smile:

Thanks for this, helped me have an idea how the action code looks like.:blush: