How do I make the screen adjust itself on mobile?

im trying to make a practice game for mobile the problem is how do i adjust the screen itself for mobile do i have to do it manually? also how can you move sprites with the screen?

I’m not sure about the adjusting to mobile.

To make the camera follow the sprite, add an action and in the search field type “camera”, then it will display a list of camera related actions.

Choose “Center the Camera on an Object” then select the relevant sprite.

I think he/she don’t want camera follow a sprite, but sprite “follow” the camera. for example a UI element.

Ah ok, for that I think they could just put the UI on a different layer?

I don’t know what are he/she want. that was just an example. if the object aren’t UI element, may be not good to put it to another layer.

srry for late reply i have fixed the follow the with the sprite thing with ui layer

i jsut nedd to know to adjust the camera itself on mobile

cuz i only know how to do it manually which will take a lot of time

What about the screen are you trying to adjust? In your first post you say you want to adjust the screen, then later you say you want to adjust the camera. It would be helpful to provide more details about what you’re trying to do.

what im trying to say is for example the game resolution is 720x1208 how about the players that have different resolution would i need to do it manually for every resolution or would the screen adjust itself?

ok i saw a tutorial i think i have achieved what i want GDevelop - How to Add Responsive UI using Anchors - YouTube
its a tutorial from wishforge games

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