How do I make the sun in 3d mode?

I’m trying to make a sun in my 3d game but not sure how to do it, pls help

Can someone help please?

It’s barely been 24hrs since you originally posted. Be patient.

And provide more information. How do you expect it to function, look and behave? Like a light source in 3D space? A giant ball? What have you got - an open play area or a skybox?

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The sun would just be a ball in the sky that shines light from it

No, currently that can’t be done - GDevelop hasn’t got 3D lighting.

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Ok thanks, is a torch possible to make also

Only in 2D for now. But you could put a feature request in for the 3D lighting. You won’t be the only one wanting that functionality.

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Ok thanks so much !!!