How do I open a second instance of GDevelop to move events between projects?

When I try to log in to a second instance of GDevelop to move events from one project to another, it won’t ever log in–the loading icon will just spin indefinitely. Do I need to make a different account to be able to log in to a second instance? I have also tried to move events from the online editor and it doesn’t work. Any ideas?

If you want jus to move events you can simply copy/paste them with
Ctrl+C Ctrl+V

I would put everything under one group and copy whole group then paste it to other project

And as far as i know you can’t by default run 2 instances since it uses crap from appdata folder
You would need to make portable version (not easy not straight forward process if you don’t know how to do it) to be able to open multiple instances

Other method is to save your project to cloud and then open it gdevelop in 2 tabs in your browser with different projects
Over there you also can copy paste events
But you can’t copy them between browser and desktop app

Either you copy paste from browser to browser tab or desktop to desktop app

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Thank you. I’ll try those ideas.

On desktop, you can’t have two projects open at the same time, right? Seems it always closes the old when I open a new.

No, on desktop you can’t do it. Though the two tabs of it on the browser might work. Maybe open in two separate browsers?

I ended up opening two tabs of GDevelop, one with each project. I tried to cut and paste events and to drag and drop them. Neither worked so now I’m stumped. I’m wondering why I’ve seen people say that it’s possible to move events between projects.

@arthuro555 - is it possible to move events between projects?

GDevelop doesn’t technically support two instances being opened at once, and doing so may have multiple bad side effects like clearing your preferences. However, it should be possible to copy things from a GDevelop project and paste it in another one, whether by using multiple open instances of GDevelop or by opening another project after having copied something.

It is not possible to copy or paste from or to the web version, only the desktop version.


Thank you, @arthuro555 !

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