How do i optimise my events in my game?

I have been browsing the forums and watching tutorials and i can’t help but notice that other people’s events look complex but at the same time clean, can someone show me the basics to cleaning up events/optimising them?

(game) Gdevelop Game

Hi, if you have problems with the performance of your game this may be helpful How to troubleshoot poor game performance - GDevelop documentation

If it is more about the ‘cleanliness’ of your events, the example projects demonstrate quite well how you could do that Game examples and Ready-made templates | GDevelop. There are many options (functions, external events, custom behaviors) but what works well for someone else doesn’t need to be the right approach for you.

Generally, I wouldn’t worry too much about that as long as your game runs well and you understand your events. I would definitely add some headings and comments though.