How do I pass from one text to another?

Hello I am a newbie in the realm of GDevelop. I am trying to accomplish a very easy task, which puzzle me because of its semplicity and the impossibility to solve it. I hope someone can lead me to the command I am neglecting and simplify the overall feat.

I am working on the introduction of a very simple retrogame, at the beginning, the story written within various text blocks (3), unfolds for the player to read. I use the autotype function to guide the player reading the text, but I want to add a “type any key” function to load the entire text avoiding to wait for the autotyping to finish. In addition since the story is long, I superimposed the (3) text blocks one to the other, so the text is alternatively hidden and revealed after a second and third “type any key”.

Since I can’t find a function to go to the end of the autotyping, I superimposed 6 text blocks. 3 doted of autotyping Text11, Text21 and Text31 and 3 copies without autotyping Text12, Text22 and Text 32.

I use timer or any key pressed functions to hide the Text"x"1 version and reveal the Text"x"2 version and to progress to the Text"x+1"1.

However doing so the version "x+1"1 is never shown, it always go to the Text32 directly.

I changed the code to alternate any key released and any key pressed, but this results in showing the version "x+1"1 only when holding the key pressed, as soon as it is released it goes to "x+1"2. Even adding an action to wait n seconds this beahaviour is still present.