How do I place the camera behind a character in a 3D world?

I found this video of a 3D level that was created with GDevelop:

I was inspired by that video, so I created a sample of 3D movement. I manipulated my character’s Z-position to allow him to walk behind (and in front of) a 3D Block. Now, I want to put the camera behind the main character at all times, like in Super Mario 64 and other 3D platforming games. Can that be done in GDevelop?

I found this video of a tech demo, and I don’t know if the camera actually moves around, or if the tower in the video is spinning:

I know that the only 3D objects allowed in GDevelop are squares and rectangles, but I have a fun idea with that limitation.

I want a camera that is always perfectly aligned behind the main character, in three dimensions. If the character walks upside-down under a platform, the camera must still say behind him in the same position, so the view WON’T be upside-down. The camera will flip with him.

If that cannot be done now, is it a feature that could be added super easily by the masters, Florian and Victor?

I remember that video, the first time I saw it I kept thinking how he/she/they… it(?) did it, but no luck for me after 5 minutes so I gave up. And as it isn’t really interesting to me I haven’t tried magic-math-things in a real project, but let me know if you get to something that works… somehow :smiley:

The tower project is included with GDevelop in the examples folder “Advanced 3D tower technical demo.gdg”.
The tower rotating and moving in the project.

In GDevelop I don’t think you can move the camera in 3D (make it follow the player from third person) since there is no 3D space. It is a 2D engine. If you want to create a 3D third person experience maybe you should take a look at the “Wolfenstein style 3D engine” in the examples folder. It is a first person experience, but it might give you an idea with the math. Though, it is also operating with rotation and movement of the 3D boxes calculated from the position of the camera in 2D space to make it looks like the camera moves in 3D but really, it is not. Only rotating and moving the boxes.

Last night, I thought of moving the whole world around instead of moving the camera. Now I’ll try those demos to see how wiser people did it!

Ok, I was able to do it, also tried to do a rotating camera system, but it doesn’t fully work, maybe a math mistake, there are some relative point rotating math.
If anyone is interested: (12.4 KB)
The first scene is an engine that tries to mimic the video, the second scene has the camera rotating action (key “O”), it doesn’t work pretty good :unamused:

EIDT: Deleted some extra objects in the example.