How do I play an animation after tween is complete?

I am attempting to make a card game. I got it to work where when I click the deck with my mouse the 3 cards move on a tween on to the scene. I can’t figure out how to get the animation of the card flipping from the back to the front once they are have stopped moving.

Do you have a Tween called “StoppedTween” because all the tweens you named on screen are a called “MoveLeft”. So…

If your tween is called “moveleft” then try this…

Condition: Tween “MoveLeft” on Card has finished playing
(you may also need to add a “Trigger Once” condition - test it to find out what works best)

Action: Change the animation, set to 1 (or whatever the number of your desired animation is - have a look at the animation numbers by double clicking on the object. The numbers start from 0, so it might be that you want animation number 0 to play, in which case you would do “set to 0” not “set to 1”).