How do I prevent the player from jumping during death animation

Hello all,

I’ve got an issue as said in the topic, the player is able to jump during death animation.

With keybord controls I managed to solve the problem.

But not using touchscreen controls. Does anyone can help ?

Below a copy of my events.

Thank you all

How are you controlling the player movement? And how have you solved the problem with keyboard controls?

Hello, and thanks for answering.

for the keybord controls I made this event : if player is on floor and the global variable death = 1, then ignore default controls for player = yes.

On the mobile device the player is controlled by multitouch joystick and buttons, I managed to desactivate control of joystick but not of buttons as shown above.

So you’re controlling them with a platformer behaviour?

Could you post a screen snip of the events for both the keyboard and multitouch joystick control? It’s tricky to understand/see what going on just by a description of the events.

Actually, I’ve found a simple way to solve the matter as shown below

Thank you for helping anyway !

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