How do I print the code to copyright game

I’m copyrighting my game and my lawyer needs the last 25 pages of the code either in hard copy or PDF. How do I find this?

This is time sensitive! I’m having surgery in 5 days and I have a hard deadline during my recovery period.

When you export a game locally, you get the source code. You can follow the first 2 steps here for Export/Build to export the desktop version of the source code. You would need to open up every .JS file in a text editor like Notepad++ to print it. There will be multiple files in many folders.

You could also open up a copy of your project .json file from your project folder in Notepad++ and print that, although that’s not necessarily the finalized source code. If you’re using single file mode for your project, it’ll just be the main .json. If you are using multiple file mode, there will be multiple jsons in various folders.

Note: There may not be 25 pages of code, depending on what you’ve made.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I found what I needed in the json folder and copied it to a GoogleDoc which allows me to easily export as the PDF that I needed. There is actually so much code that my computer kept timing out on the copy/paste command! I managed to guestimate the last 25 pages and they are off to my lawyer!

Please know how much I appreciate this program! I am a violin/viola teacher writing a music flashcard game. As I’ve been beta testing the first 18 levels that I’ve got so far, one of my favorite comments came from a fellow teacher who said, “I’ve been looking for this game for the last ten years!” I have no background in coding, I have a Bachelors and a Masters in Viola Performance and gDevelop allowed me to create this!


I’m very glad this helped you get what you want, and hope you continue building it out to completion!