How do I publish my game?

Hello. I’m fairly new to developing games and I’ve been wondering, how do I publish my game when it’s finished? Does it have anything to do with the subscription service? I know I have to have an account and export my games first but after that what comes next?

Click on export and click on android and iOS
Then create a account or login if u av an account, then click on export and it will build the apk for you
Note: u av to be connected to a network

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After that you can distribute your game as you like. Upload to play store, itchio, webserver,… You don’t need a subscription for this.


To publish your game on Android you need to pay 25$ and for iOS 99$ per year.
On Steam you need to pay a fee of 100$
BUT you can use to publish your game on mobile and PC for free and also get money!

Oh, what is your game about?