How do I put a shooting animation on my character?

How do I put a shooting animation on my character?

Here is a page from the wiki on how to add animations to a sprite object (character/player/enemy etc)

Here it only shows the jump, walk and idle animations, there is no shooting animation, please help

Yes, and shooting is just another animation. You’ll need the picture of the character shooting, and add it like the other animations. You’ll need an event that checks if the shooting key has been pressed, and then change the animation to shooting.

Then you’ll have to create a bullet and move it from the player’s position to finishe the shooting effect.

I suggest you look at some off the template games that are on the list when you create a new GDevelop project. Find a shooter and study how they do it.

Could you send me an image of your event to see how…? Please.

Here’s a YouTube video by @HelperWesley. It’s set to run from the point where he adds firing/shooting to the player.

There are also some example projects you can create and learn from:


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Hello again, I did it as you told me but when I press the key, the animation does not play well. How do I get the full animation to play?

You need to describe the symptoms more, explain what is happening, what is not happening, and provide information of what you have done (a screen snip of your events is ideal here). Just saying it does not play well doesn’t give much of a clue to what is happening.

What do you mean with “does not play well”?

What do you mean with “get the full animation to play”? Does only part of it play currently?