How do i put admob ? is this gonna work and is it possible to earn money?

am i right? becuase i want to be sure before publishing my app

You also need to be an Admob Dev

And they add an application. Then they will give you an AppID which you need to put here

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i already have it sir thank you for answering i thought no one’s gonna answer :frowning: is it really true we can earn a real money from a game made with gdevelop? do you publish any i want to download it and try :slight_smile: god bless you!

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I haven’t used AdMob but other people have used it in their game. And you can earn money from your game.

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wwwoooow hahahaha i really like g develop good game engine and a good community :slight_smile: can i share my game in this website sir?

You can upload your game and share the link here. People will try.

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You have to add the data as @Muzan says, then create the app in Google Play and make some upload for testing the app, sometime for AdMob to work it takes some hours even 24h.

Then add yourself as an App tester in Google Play Console, download and install your game into your device and test it, if you see that all is ok, then create a production version of your game and set it to live in Google Play Console.

So now you can earn money from AdMob.

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thankyou so muchhhhhh sir!! godblessyou

how did the app tester work sir can i have a link :slight_smile:

Hi, here you have all the related info

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thankyou so muchhhhhhhh sir godbless you for helping me :slight_smile: