How do I reset a scene properly?

I am working on a game and I have it set up so that once the round has finished it goes to a main menu of sorts. But when I go back to the game scene from the main menu things break. All the sounds go off at the start when they are not supposed to, and the text stops showing up among other problems.

Is there a proper way to reset a scene? Thanks in advance!

hello, does your scene use the pause scene action or do you just use the change scene?
and please add some screenshots.

Here is my code

And I’m using “Change Scene”.

umm that’s a bit of a stretch, can you highlight the parts that arent working instead?

I think the problem is in this section here. Not 100% sure though.

Each scene has properties, including what to do with sound when the scene starts up:


As for the text issue, can you provide a screenshot of the main menu events (all of them will be fine)?

For the main menu, all I have is one event for now.

As for the scene properties they both have that checkbox checked

main menu prop

Ok, those checkboxes will be stopping the sound. Uncheck them.

What happens in the scene Countdown? How does it go onto the next scene?

If it just changes to another scene, then that could be the issue; and so from MainMenu, just change scene to Countdown.