How do I resize the object "PixelHeartBar"?

How do I resize the object “PixelHeartBar”?

  • Issue:

Whenever I change the size the object disappears in the Level Editor

  • What I tried:

I tried changing the Sprite Size in the given Properties. I tried to change the Sprite Size in Piskel. I tried to disable Tile Mode so it might change but it doesn´t work…

Thanks forward for your answers.

What size are you trying to change it to? Piskel resizing seemed to work for me, or at least it’s showing in the preview, no clue if the extension packaged with it will still work. I edited each animation in Piskel to 4x the original animation (192x64) then in the properties I changed everything that said 48 to 192 and everything that said 16 to 64. It showed up a lot bigger. Then I also completely replaced the images to some images that were 2x the size (96x32) and changed the properties to the new size and that seemed to work too. I am on desktop.