How do I rotate a gun to simulate recoil?

I’m trying to get gun objects in my game to recoil with the help of the shake object extension but it’s not working out for me atm, right now it just looks really choppy and isn’t really appealing to look at.

To get a perspective of how the recoil would look like I’ve provided an image.

I had an idea of using the rotate object at an angle and position but it doesn’t seem to work since the gun objects I’ve assigned are rotating using the mouse.

You don’t need that, it should be fine just using the “Angle” action (or “rotate towards angle” if you want it to be smooth).

If any other angle-modifier action impact the recoil animation, you should create a boolean variable for the recoil and check if it is false in the rest of the events.

As stupid as it is i found best solution to do it via animation not via events

I simply added animation that moves my arm back faking recoil effect

And since when cursor is on left side of player center (look on head) it flips my player and arm gets flipped so i could mimic exact same behavior as you would wish with gun
But it would look strange
Because i would end up with this
For gun which is rotating it would make sense to recoil like this
For arm which is rotating not so much at least not for my needs