How do I run the THNK Demo?

Hi there,

I’ve recently came across THNK and am very excited to try it and see if I can implement it into my own game. However I tried running the demo, with ServerQuickStart on preview, and ClientQuickStart on another preview with no luck. I’ve looked through the forum but there aren’t too many posts about it yet…

Result: I get the platformer working fine on ServerQuickStart preview, but ClientQuickStart only shows a greyed out screen. Sometimes I also get this error message: “Uncaught Exception: Error: EROFS: read-only file system, open ‘./’”

Any help would be amazing. Thank you!

Try updating the geckos extension

Thank you for replying and sorry for the late response. How do you update the geckos extension?

Download the extensions from here: THNK/extensions at master · arthuro555/THNK · GitHub
And import them into your GDevelop project.

Thank you, I’ve updated all 4 extensions, but unfortunately the ClientQuickStart still turning up grey. :frowning:

Wondering if anyone has the same problem?