How do I search for a value in an array - using array tools

How do I search to see if a value already exists in an array?

I would have thought the above code would only add a value if the array search failed - but it’s always failing even when I add in duplicate positions

Basically what I’m doing is generating a random position for a sprite, then checking to see if that sprite location exists in an array. If it doesn’t exist (inverted find), then add the sprite and update the array with the new sprite co-ordinates - and repeat 10 times.

What is the actual result

It appears that the array search is not comparing the values (even when I force it to have duplicate values).

Am I using the array tools extension correctly?

The extension only works on the root level. Meaning “temp” or “tempx” but not “temp.x”

ok, thanks that makes sense of why it didn’t work

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