How do I select multiple events?

My game has 9 scenes but it’s tedious and a waste of time to copy and paste every single event individually. How can I select all of my events so that I can copy and paste them onto a new scene?

If you hold Shift when clicking on an event, you can select as many as you want.

Instead of copying all events into each scene, you might want to consider an external event file. Put all of the events there, and then just link to the external file in each scene. Keeps things simple, and if you need to make changes you only have to make them once.

You can also copy and paste the entire scene from the Project Manager and then edit all the events to your liking in the copied scene.

I’m with beanmatt on the external files if the code is the same for each scene. If you need to change the code, it’s only in once place. Otherwise you have to change it for each scene. Forget to do it in one, and you’ll be debugging for ages…