How do I select multiple objects in the editor?

I’d like to select a number of objects at once that are on or within another group of object. In the image below, each square is an instance of an object.


I’d like to select only the pink squares. And before someone says shift + click, this is a small example - my objects number in the hundreds, and I’m not shift clicking hundreds of times.

I cannot click + drag, as this just moves the object I clicked on. Shift + click & drag or ctrl + click & drag don’t do anything either.

Does anyone know of a keypress/mouse combo to fo this? Is it even possible?

MrMen, I don’t know any shortcut that does this, but the only workaround I know is to create the selection by clicking outside of any object and with the mouse scroll button pressed move the scene to make this selection be near to your instances and them adjust it from there (also is possible to adjust using zoom too).


It’s not very easy, but with a little practice it gets less worse.


Sorry MrMen i have not any even close thing to write to possible solution

But i wanna share that when i was messing with keys and dragging
I discovered that if you have grid so dragged objects snap to grid

If you hold left alt while dragging then grid is ignored and you can move objects to any X Y instead of only to grid

I did find that LAlt key trick trying to find some solution for you
I just wanted it to share with ppl where cause i did not know about it so i assume others maybe did not also

But now that i think about it maybe that is partial solution for you
As for what i understand you do not want to disable grid each time
You do not want to move one object out of all objects border to create gap from which you can select
But you could move a little bit one object just to create that gap and easily place it back where it belong after selecting group you want to move