How do I set a seperate timer for items?

I have created “Power Ups” in my game. A couple of them are instant and apply their effects and thats it. But a few of them I need to apply their effect for a certain amount of time, then wear off. How do I do that?

Let’s say as an example that I want my player to have 50 extra attack for 10 seconds, after picking up a power up.

Player is in collision with powerup || Do = 50 to Variable(attack) of Player 
                                    || Reset the timer "attackincreasetimer" 
                                    || Delete object powerup  
Timer "attackincreasetimer" > 10 seconds || Do = Variable(playerdefaultattack) to Variable(attack) of Player

Ok. I am working on 10 seconds of invulnerability. Would the text be:

Invuln is in collision with P1Bullet (Collision masks) II Do =1 to Variable Invulnerability
Reset timer “NoDMG”
Delete object Invuln

The timer “NoDMG” = 10 seconds II Do =Variable(playerdefaultInvuln) to Variable(Invulnerability) of Playership


Sorry, I made an error. It should of course be > not =, which I have edited in the quoted text above. I will edit my above post accordingly too.