How do I set a sprite's animation to a random frame?

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How do I…

How do I set a sprite’s animation to a random frame?

What is the expected result

When I run the game, the frame of the sprite’s animation should be at a random value, based on the number of frames in the animation itself. I want to add more frames at a later point in time, so I do not want to use fixed values.

What is the actual result

Animation always plays through to the last frame and stops at the last frame.

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Store the number of frames of your animation in a variable, then randomize in range (0, the variable you store them) and store it to another variable.

I believe the first frame is really zero. So, you would use random (count-1). Also, I believe that you need to pause the animation. I don’t know if you can just pause it at the beginning or you have to pause it after each animation change.

A variable isn’t needed unless you need the number elsewhere or it helps you better understand the process. I usually breakdown complicated formulas myself instead of creating lengthy single events.

I did Keith’s method and it works really well. thank you!

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