How do I set volume slider to save? SOLVED

Hi. I’d like to fix my volume slider. When I go back to another scene, the volume is still there. However, if I return to the scene where I set the volume slider, there is no sound, despite the fact that the volume slider has already been altered. Another issue is that the volume slider is on the far left at the start, thus there is no sound. Thank you for your time in reading this.

Menu Events

Where the music start

Settings (Volume) Scene

It doesn’t stop but there’s no sound

Option (Volume) Events

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You have to divide the Global Variable by 100 and make sure the global variable type is a number, otherwise it’ll set itself to 0

It’s because when you move the slider, you set the volume by multiplying the global variable by 100.

When you start the scene, you don’t multiply the global variable by 100 when you set the volume.

I kind of fixed it but there still missing. The sound would be equal volume when I go to the volume slider(option). When I decrease or increase the volume remains when I exit the volume slider(option). But when I go back to the option the volume I decreased or increased isn’t saved and will go back to max/fixed volume.

Someone helped me out on discord

and slider behaviors value should be changed too