How do I show the passkey for the second stage after dropping the last ball

Hello, I have a toy with multiple balls and a hidden key under a picture with a lock
How to show the passkey for the second stage after dropping the last ball

What, I didn’t understand what you said

Thank you for your help

I have a game of 5 balls and a player to throw these balls.
There is also a hidden object.
What is required is to show this object when the last ball is dropped by the player.

Another problem is that even though this object is hidden, it is touched by the player What is required is how to disable the touch of this hidden object before revealing …

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Thank you very much
I will try later and let you know the result
Thank you anyway for helping me

Unfortunately, the method did not work
What is required is that the player does not control the hidden object before dropping the last ball.

Do you want Player to get the ball after he has thrown his ball.
You can dat the beginning of the scene
Change variable balls =1
If player has thrown ball then
Variable balls -1
If balls =0
Pick ball near player
Show ball
Variable balls =1

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Also not to control hidden balls you can do
If balls are hidden
Variable work of balls =false
If balls are hidden(inverted)
Variable work of balls =true
If variable work of balls =true and player press throwball key
Throw ball

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Thank you so much

Exactly this is almost what is required in your comments
I also searched in open projects and found an example of what I needed and I added some things to it, but it is missing everything you mentioned
I’ll send it privately to see it, I don’t want to bother you, just look at it

Yes, what is required is to show or control the hidden object, which will take me to the second stage after completing all five balls
I mean, after dropping or fading the fifth ball

I think my screenshot shows exactly what you want.
A variable with the number of balls.
Every time you drop a ball, count minus 1.
If the variable is 0, show the next scene button.
The button can only be clicked if it is visible.

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Thank you very much,
This is not what I need
Check private messages I sent a file to check it.

Even after looking at the file, it does not respond

You sent me wishforges physics example, it has nothing to do with what you describe in this thread.

If you look at the code of my project, you can see that you have to press E to see something. Press it 5 times and the next scene button will shown.

No, I meant the same thing in my request, maybe because my English is poor, I didn’t explain more, but I said I want to not control the hidden object under the lock until after the last ball

Ok with balls you mean the rainbow boxes. And the player has to push them down and then the lock is removed and the star object can be touched to get to the next level, right?

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Exactly, brother, you now understand the requirement well from my idea


I have sent the edited project back to you.

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Thank you very much
I will try now

Wow awesome I don’t know how to thank you
Indeed, this is exactly what is required
In fact, there are a few members who try to help and guide new members here…

Therefore, I thank you with all my heart. I hope that the people in charge here will add a system for evaluating the best answers so that we can at least thank those who help us, even with a symbolic thing…

Another question, can I now delete the boxes from 2 to 10 and use the box only

Yes, I would recommend that, it’s easier to use a single object.
If you later want to use different looking boxes, you can also use the same object.

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