How do I???? solved

How do I make it so I can’t hold the mouse button and have to press it to change the variable? (Because I am trying to make an Idle game and I don’t want people holding down the button to get fast added money, we’ll call it, I want them to have to press the left mouse button not hold it).

Plus the condition to check the mouse pressing, add the advanced condition “Trigger once”, it returns true (launches the event) every time all the other conditions are true for the first time :slight_smile:

I added trigger once but yet it still wont work (I dont know what you’re talking about with the behavior and I can’t find it). Still, thanks a lot for helping maybe I’ll figure this out! :slight_smile:

If this can help:

Trigger Once (No actions)

The cursor/touch is on New Object Do +1 to Global
Variable Cuteness
Touch or Left mouse button is down (Same as above just not a global variable).

If you can’t help it’s fine! :slight_smile:

Something like this?


I figured it out! :smiley: :slight_smile:

Yay that’s good! Best of luck with your game :slight_smile: